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Gmail Password Recovery: Nothing Is Impossible

Let’s face it; this phase comes in everybody’s life and can cause a lot of frustration when you need to get into your Gmail account anyhow but couldn’t help. Well, you don’t need to worry now as that’s why we exist, to help you out in a moment of need. Whether someone hacked your account and you’ve been locked out of it or you just forgot your password, we are here to help you in every adverse situation and Gmail Password Recovery is the solution for it. If you have forgotten your Gmail or Google password, then there’s no need to panic at all, it is relatively simple to recover your Gmail password on your own or with the help of our talented technical staff.

How To Do: Self Help Guide

Don’t have time to get on a call with us? No worries, you can also figure it out yourself with the help of our available recourses. Use the below steps to recover your forgotten Gmail password:

  • Visit and then enter your username or Email ID in the given field and click on Next.
  • After that, you need to click on the Forgot Password link.
  • Now you’ll be asked to enter the last password you remember, try to be as much accurate as possible.
  • If you don’t remember anything from your password then click on Try Another Way until you see Get A Verification Code With Your Phone Number tab.
  • Verify your phone number by typing it into the given field and then click on Send.
  • Select whether you want to get verification code through call or text message and then verify it.
  • Type in the received code into the box under Enter a verification code and then click on Next.

How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number?

If you don’t have access to your phone number, don’t worry, there’s still hope for you.

  • Go to the Gmail login page again and then enter your email address.
  • Click on Next and then select forgot password below on the page.
  • Click Try another way on the bottom-left corner.
  • On the Get a verification code page click on I don’t have my password link below the page.
  • Here on this page in order to recover your Gmail password and get back into your account, you need to verify the correct Month and Year when you created this Gmail account.
  • After filling the details, click on Next and then follow the on-screen prompts to reset your Gmail account.

If you find these steps difficult or if you aren’t able to recover your account, don’t give up hopes and reach us by dialing our Gmail customer Service Number 1-800-958-211 . Our technicians are talented enough to recover and fix issues with your Gmail account and that too will do without wasting your precious time.

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