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Google Photos: Store Unlimited Memories All In One Place

Launched three years ago, Google’s standalone photo storage and sharing platform “Google Photos” has gone viral in this short span. The platform offers you 15GB storage for uploading photos with original resolution and even unlimited storage for high-resolution images and videos that are up to 16MP and 1080p max. The cloud storage is available for all your devices including Android, iOS, and desktop and allows you to sync photos and videos from it seamlessly. If you have photos with higher-resolution and the 15GB storage doesn’t seem enough to you then you can upgrade it by purchasing Storage Plans as preferred. Besides the free 15GB storage available for all Google account, the premium storage plans are available starting from 100GB to 30TB storage.

Unlimited Storage, Automatic Backup, Offline Mode. Can You Find Anything Better?

Google Photos have made managing photos easy and trouble-free for everyone. Whether you lost your mobile phone or your laptop get broken, you’ll never need to worry about your memories, as it is safely backed up on Google. Moreover, you can access all your photos and videos anytime over any device via app or Web browser. Turn on Automatic back up and leave the worry on Google, all your stuff are safe and secure with Google-level security. Think it’s hard to find old photos from your device? Not with Google photos, navigate your photos according to time, people and moments or directly search about the photo.

Reach Us At The Time Of Trouble And Get Support For Photos

While Google Photos is making easy for you to upload and save photos on the cloud, we make sure you don’t face any issues with it. Yes, there are times when you’ll not be able to access your stuff from Photos or it will troubleshoot, at that time we ensure to stand beside you. Whether you are running it on Desktop Web-browser or Android or iOS app, just give us a call right away as soon as you face any issues with Photos and leave everything on us. Moreover, you can also refer to our self-help guides to troubleshoot common issues with Google Photos and can enjoy the service without any trouble.

Common Issues That Arrives With Google Photos

Although we are capable of handling each and every issue with Photos, below are some issues in which we hold proficiency.

  • Google Photos not showing all photos
  • Not able to Backup photos, videos or files
  • Backup stuck in the middle
  • Cannot update Photos Error 24
  • Error uploading files
  • Error while sharing photos, videos or album
  • Issues while syncing, error uploading
  • Cannot access Google Photos
  • “Photos has stopped” error
  • An error has occurred, please try again later
  • 403 error
  • HTTP error 503
  • HTTP error 500
  • Can’t sign in to Google account on Photos
  • Storage full error

Think we are missing out something? Grab your phone and give us a call right away, we’ll make sure to not let you leave disappointed. We provide support regarding all issues that arrive with Google Photos and propose to fix it as soon as possible without wasting your precious time.

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