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Google Drive: The Ultimate Home for All Your Files

Do you know a better and secure place then Google Drive to store all your files? Neither did us. But what if it stops working or starts creating issues? We know it sounds horrible but it can happen to anyone anytime. Despite the amazing service given by Google, Drive is known to create issues at times and that’s why we exist, to help you and take you out from such situations. Whether you are having issues with your Account sign in on Google Drive or the app crashes suddenly on your Smartphone every time you open it, we have solutions for each and every problem. You can simply follow the instructional guide to troubleshoot it from our portal to fix the issue or can leave it to us. Let us know your issue and we will make sure you won’t return disappointed.

Everything Just A Click Away

Google Drive gives you the ability to store and access your files anywhere anytime through cloud storage. It gives you free 15 GB of storage with your Gmail account by which you can store photos, drawings, recordings, videos and many more things without any trouble. Moreover, you can access all your data from any of the devices whether it is a Smartphone, tablet or computer; it’s all just one click away. Got an attachment on Gmail, open it directly on Drive and then save and share it to anyone directly. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can also use it in the offline mode. Make available your important files offline and access it anytime on the go. You know what the best part is that Google Drive uses the same Security protocol as Gmail and other Google services, so all your files are in a safe hand with SSL encryption.

Acquire the Best Support Possible For Drive

We value your work that is why we provide the finest support for the finest cloud service, whether you aren’t able to open a particular file on your Drive or if it’s the issue with your app on your Android phone. Although there are some vital things you should ensure before getting onto any conclusion. At first, you can check if the problem is not from Google’s server by going on G Suite Status Dashboard. If there will be an ongoing issue with any service of Google, it should be listed on the G Suite Status Dashboard. If you didn’t find any issue with Google the next step is to check your internet connection. Ensure that you are running a steadfast internet on your mobile or computer. Moreover, you can also try by clearing Cache and Cookies from your computer browser as it typically fixes most of the issues with it and will give you smooth access to your Drive account.

Support and Services We Provide For Drive Issues

We provide solutions and support for almost every issue that arrives on Google Drive. Given below are the issues that mostly occur with Drive and can be solved right away. All you need to do is to dial our Gmail Support Number 1800-958-211 and tell us your issue.

  • Not able to access Drive account
  • Sync error for a particular or all files.
  • Can’t upload files
  • Trouble downloading files
  • Google Drive app crashes
  • Trouble Updating Drive
  • Temporary Error
  • Trying to connect error
  • Recover a file
  • Increase or purchase storage in Google Drive
  • Trouble opening files
  • Not Signed in error in Mac

Feel free to contact and tell us about your issue. If there is anything else you need help for regarding Google Drive, know that we are just a call away.

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