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Are you having issues in sending or receiving emails? Have you lost access to your profile due to hacking? Have you noticed any suspicious activity on your profile? If you are having any such issues or any other problem that is hindering to run Gmail smoothly then you really need to consult experts. No doubt Gmail providers amazing platform for e-mailing but no emailing service provider can be immune to issues. Having issues in the advanced technical world are quite common. You don’t need to panic until the highly experienced technicians are geared up to serve you at your doorstep. All you have to do is just pick your phone and use your dial pad to call the technical folks at Gmail Customer Phone Number 1-800-958-211. It doesn’t matter how major or minor your problems are & in how adverse the situation you are, you will be provided fruitful results.

Our techies guarantee to deliver the fastest services as soon as you contact them. If you are having issues with creating an account, signing in or out, account hacked, profile settings, privacy, blocking, download or installing application, attaching documents, etc. feel free to talk to our team. They provide you the appropriate solutions with useful tips to avoid any issue in the future. If you hesitate to call contact via Live chat or email service for immediate assistance.

How to use the Gmail account on Facebook?

It now easy to Gmail link with Facebook or vice versa. Let’s learn how! Go to Account Settings from your Facebook profile. Open the General tab and under the email section, click Edit button. Now, click ‘Add Another Email’ link and enter the Gmail address into the suitable textbox. Also, enter the password in the text field and hit Save Changes. Sign-in into Gmail & open the email verification email from FB. Click the link for confirmation and it will take you General Account settings. Click Email to verify and then click the circle beside newly added Gmail ID and click Save Changes to set it as FB’s default email ID. All messages from FB will go to the profile’s primary email ID.

It’s an easy process to integrate facebook within a Gmail profile. Log into your Gmail profile and go to the Settings link. From the appeared options choose Labs and navigate to Add any gadget by URL. Turn on this option & at the bottom of the screen, click the ‘Save Changes’ button. Now an option is added to Settings, named as Gadgets. Click this new option and input the link given here.

Hit the Add button and a new widget will add to the sidebar. Click Expand and you will see Facebook Connect button. Connecting to FB profile will need permission to use your profile, hit Allow and Facebook feed will load inside Gmail’s main body. So, following the right process can let you use Facebook within Gmail.

What is the Difference between Gmail, G Suite, and Google account?

If you get consumed between Gmail, Google and G Suite account then you not the only one. There are many users having this confusion and some of them think all three are the same. Just to clear the confusion of people here is the provided the main difference between Gmail, G Suite, and Google account.

Gmail profile is a free Google account with an email ID ending with This account provides a basic collection of Google services and a lot of amount on online storage. People using Gmail can use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Calendar. It is compatible with computers, laptops, tablets, androids, and iOS devices. A Google account is username & password that can be accessed to log in to consumer Google applications like Sites, Maps, Photos, docs, etc. It doesn’t essentially end with Also understand that all Gmail profiles are Google account but not all the Google account is accounts. Lastly, G Suite is completely a different account that comes in many editions like Basic, Enterprise, Business and also Nonprofit, Education or Government organizations. A G Suite admin handles all profiles linked with all these editions. It offers permission to use a core set of profiles and they are Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google+, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, Sites, and Groups.

How to recover a suspended Gmail profile?

If a user’s Gmail account gets suspended for violating the policies of Gmail, then sending or receiving isn’t possible. If you are having the issue then only solutions to this problem are restoring the email service by signing to the Google Admin Console as a G Suite admin. To do so, log in to your Google Admin Console using the admin account, not the one ending in Once you are entered into the console Homepage, click Users and find the user. If you require help, then see Find a user profile. Now you click the name of the user and at the top left side, a message will show why the user’s Gmail profile is suspended. Click the Restore Gmail button and hit the Reset button to confirm. The user’s profile will be active within 15 minutes and later on can be signed in. Only 5 times each calendar year, the same account can be recovered. If Gmail Account suspend more often than that, then it becomes to reset it, not even by Google/Gmail support. In such cases, you only have to wait for 24 hours to get back to the re-enabled account.

How to Setup a Gmail profile on iOS or Android?

Settings up Gmail account is an easy task if you know the right process. Here you can learn to do so in no time.

In order to setup Gmail on your iOS device, go to Settings on your iOS device. Scroll down a little and tap on Mail. Tap on Account and select Add Account. Now you have to choose Google and you will reach the Gmail login page. Provide your Gmail ID in the given field and tap Next button. Also, input the password for same and again tap Next. You will be asked what to sync or not, disable that thing you don’t want to sync and then tap Save when you are right done.

Open the App Drawer on your Android device to setup Gmail on Android. Depending on the version of your Android it can be opened by swiping up and tap the App Drawer icon. From here, tap on Settings (gear icon) select Accounts. Now select Add Account and choose Google. Here, you may be asked for a password, pattern or fingerprint for security reasons. Type your Gmail address > tap Next > Type your Password > tap Next. On the Terms of Service page, select Agree. If you wish to add payment detail, include your credit card here otherwise you select No thanks.

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